The 3 Best Period Panties to Help You Stress Less During ‘That’ Time of the Month

By By Christin Perry - January 27, 2020
Credits: Getty Images

Skip the leaks with these protective options.

Period panties are a relatively new concept. Some are meant to allow for free bleeding while others simply provide added protection in the event of pad or tampon leakage. Either way, they’re a great way to keep your pants spot-free when Aunt Flo comes to town. These three pairs are absorbent and comfortable, and sure to become your go-to undies during that time of the month.


4period 5 Pack High Absorbency for Heavy Flow Period Panties; Leakproof, for Teens and Women

This 5-pack of menstrual underwear is highly absorbent for your heavy flow days. Several layers of material provide a super comfortable moisture-wicking ability, while an absorptive panel covers both front and back to lessen fears of leaking. All five pairs are black to avoid unsightly stains, and the stretchy, bamboo-derived fabric allows for a non-restrictive fit.

3 Pack Teens Cotton Menstrual Protective Underwear Girls Leak Proof Period Panties Women Postpartum Briefs

Your teenager may be more apt to give period panties a try when she slips on these fun patterns. This set of three multi-colored panties looks so much like regular underwear, no one will know they’re meant to be worn when her period shows up. While these period panties are designed to be paired with a pad or tampon, a generous moisture-proof panel prevents stains and leaks.

Leak Proof Bikini: Light-Medium Discharge Protection | Period Panties/Menstrual & Postpartum Underwear

There’s no need to pull out the granny panties every time your period starts. When you opt for these lace-lined beauties from Bambody, you can feel flirty and feminine, but also fully protected on even your heaviest days. A protective layer extends from the front into a full coverage rear panel, and the bamboo fabric feels soft while wicking away moisture for comfort you can count on all day long.